Let’s Talk Arabic

Let’s Talk Arabic

Calibri is a leading company which provides Arabic Courses in Dubai. Our Let’s Talk Arabic is a course designed specifically to cater to the needs of the professionals working in UAE and looking forward to speaking Arabic. Let’s Talk Arabic can assist you in communicating with Arabs and other Americans. With our Arabic courses in Dubai, you will gain a better knowledge of the Arab Culture which will help you have an advantage over the competition as knowing the language of the land always gives you an upper hand in everything, be it growth in career or expansion of the business.

However, Arabic is considered a difficult language to learn but the right guidance will help you most effectively. Let’s Talk Arabic is a course formulated for the participants to understand the special Arabic accent needed to speak Arabic confidently. The Arabic language has its special accent, failing to understand which can invade the purpose of the individual’s purpose of learning the Arabic Language. Arabic Course in Dubai at Calibri gives the chance to the participants to speak Arabic and be monitored by a Native Arabic speaker. When you Learn Arabic at Calibri, it gives you the confidence to communicate with the native Arabic Speakers.

Course Duration

3 months/12 weeks/24 hours

Certifying Body

KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), Govt. of Dubai

Course Structure

  • Orientation
  • To Speak Arabic Confidently in front of the crowd
  • Personality Development
  • Confidence building
  • Speech delivery skills
  • Intonation

Key Benefits

  • Let’s Talk Arabic at Calibri is a platform for those who are lacking a chance to listen and speak Arabic.
  • It gives emphasis to the element of language confidence when it comes to the core of the training content.
  • It assures the participant to stand in front of the crowd and express his/her ideas. The very opportunity to exhibit himself/herself will help him/her to speak Arabic Confidently.
  • Our Arabic Course in Dubai helps the candidate to come out of stage fear as well as language fear.