Best OET training in Dubai – Calibri, offers a Professional Training to the OET aspirants. OET stands for the Occupational English Test which measures an individual’s English language skills for the Healthcare Sector

OET features 12 specializations in the Healthcare Sector, each of which matches up to a particular profession: Speech Pathology, Optometry, Podiatry, dentistry, pharmacy, Medicine, Radiography, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Veterinary Science. Calibri’s OET Training in Dubai is an intensive training program which focuses on the Skillset, Language, and Techniques that are needed for achieving the desired grade in OET. We provide the best OET Training in Dubai for all Medical Languages emphasizing a wide range of medical languages. Along with a specific focus on communicating effectively with patients and their families. Moreover, we customize the preparation strategies catering to the specific needs of the OET aspirant.

Our OET training course in Dubai is the best OET Training comprising of complete introduction to the OET test having 40 hours of intensive preparation classes. Even so, you are a beginner, we gradually take you through the process of OET Training and give you the knowledge and confidence to attain the targeted grade in OET. Also, we offer Special Accent Neutralisation Sessions to the candidates for OET so that they receive the required fluency in the language for further settling well in an English-Speaking Environment besides clearing OET.

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Course Duration

40 Hours & Unlimited Support until the candidate clears the exam

Certifying Body

KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), Govt. of Dubai

Course Structure

  • Orientation
  • Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking skills development
  • Mock Test
  • Practice tests
  • Complimentary follow up

Why Calibri?

  • Placement Test
  • Small group classes as well as one-to-one OET classes
  • Special preparation for Computer Delivered OET
  • Study Materials and Handouts provided
  • Mock Test
  • Weekly Feedback
  • Accent Neutralisation Sessions to give the confidence to the candidate to settle in an English-Speaking Environment.

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