Written English

Written English

Written English course at Calibri in Dubai emphasizes the need for Writing English in our professional and day to day life. The art of appropriately describing your thoughts is what describes your writing or speaking abilities. While writing plain English is no test, but to frame that perfect sentence to get the message across clearly is a challenge for many. Our Written English course has “writing” as its core aspect. Focus is laid on building the sentence structure and drafting skills of the participant. Various topics that are related to Written English are dealt with like E-mail Drafting, Minutes of Meeting, Notes taking, Professional Drafts etc.

Our course understands the needs of the participant(s) therefore the content of our course may vary as per the profession/Interest of the participant(s). With us, you can improve your English Writing Skills for business, academic and personal use along with improving language and grammar accuracy.

Written English course is a promising process of enhancing the participant(s)’ drafting skills in order to promote his/her growth. Our classroom training will help the learners/Participant(s) build the skills necessary to become a professional writer.

Course Duration

30 hours

Certifying Body

KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), Govt. of Dubai

Course Structure

  • Orientation
  • Sentence Structure
  • Detailed Grammar
  • Drafting Skills
  • Practice activities

Key Benefits

  • Participants will get to learn Sentence Structure in detail in this course.
  • Grammar is dealt with keeping in mind all the topics that are necessary as per day to day writing requirements.
  • Various styles of drafting are taught in the sessions like E-mail drafting, Minutes of meeting, taking notes etc. which will help the participant to enhance his/her performance at the workplace.
  • Written English Sessions at Calibri will improve the participant’s overall hand in putting up the information in a synchronised manner.