Outbound Training (OBT)

Outbound Training for Corporate Team



Outbound Training (OBT)/ Outbound Learning is a training method for enhancing individual, team and organizational performance through experiential learning methodology where participants are involved into outbound training activities and outbound training games that give an immersive learning experience and bring out variety of learning outcomes based on the participants and organisational learning needs.

Outbound Training generally revolve around outbound activities designed to improve leadership, communication skills, planning, delegation, team-work and motivation. Participants are divided into teams and assigned tasks or activities for completion in a specified time.


The Outbound Trainings help individuals and groups discover their latent talent and strengths in a safe, secure and supportive learning atmosphere.

  • To enhance Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, Planning & Delegation Skills.
  • To advocate the new perspective among teams through a carefully built activity that becomes the reinterpretation of earlier experiences.
  • To aid the teams to reflect what they observe by identifying the gaps between the perceptions and experience.
  • To encourage the teams to come up with fresher ideas to implement the new learnings and experiences in the forecasted scenarios.
  • To reassure the teams to implement the fresh ideas in the real-world scenario through active experimentation.
  • To invite behavioral change and connect them back to the real-life work areas.
  • A get-together for the corporate staff to bring in more co-operation and team unity.


  • An experiential learning platform
  • Developed team strength and unity
  • Improved inter-personal skills & rapport building