General English

General English

The course has speaking & writing as its main aspect when the learning part is concerned. The emphasis is absolutely based on the interest and need of the participant. The entire course is designed the way that the writing and the speaking skills of the person is improved.

Course Duration

40 hours

Certifying Body

KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), Govt. of Dubai

Course Structure

  • Orientation
  • Grammar & Sentence structuring in detail
  • Drafting skills
  • Accent Neutralisation
  • Situational Conversations
  • Speaking Practises
  • Tips & Tricks to improve fluency

Key Benefits

  • General English is a course designed keeping in mind the requirement of the participants who want to go through both the aspects of the language, namely Written English and Spoken English.
  • Initially grammar is dealt with keeping in mind the weak areas of the participants as far as language is concerned
  • Drafting skills are handled with precision
  • Speaking skills are managed along with various techniques related to Accent Neutralisation
  • General English Sessions at Calibri will ameliorate the participants’ over all knowledge of English Language

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