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Professional Trainings

Interview Management

Crack any interview with ease.
You might want to go over interview success techniques to improve your chances of landing the job. The more prepared you are for your interview, the more polished you’ll appear, and the more likely you’ll be to move forward in the hiring process.
We’ve identified the core competencies you have to demonstrate in the interview. Find out what questions you can expect to hear and what your answers should include.

Human Resource Management

Get ahead in your career with HR Professional Course, the industry standard for HR professionals.
A highly practical oriented Course led by industry experts designed to equip you with human resource skills required for a HR Professional. This course will develop skills and knowledge in specific topic areas in HR – from recruitment to talent management, workplace health and safety to UAE Labour laws and many.

Professional Secretarial & Administration Skills

Get a highly paid ‘Executive Secreatary Job’
Today’s office professional is under pressure to take on more responsibility, juggle more tasks and work for more than one manager or team. However, people’s perceptions of the PA’s role remain the same. This course provides practical guidance on changing these perceptions. It will help you to enhance your personal effectiveness through improved self-awareness, setting SMART goals and objectives, effective communication, assertiveness, self-confidence and networking.
This training is excellent for persons planning to get a job as PA, office managers, secretaries and administrators. This course will help you improve your skills to transform your organizational performance.

This intensive course enables you to overcome barriers to effectively and confidently deliver high impact on-the-job training.
This workshop provides guidance on the effective planning and delivery of training. The practical and interactive format enables individuals to develop their skills and confidence in a supportive environment and ensures the successful transfer of new skills into the workplace.
Excellent for anyone who is planning to enter a job in Training Industry or as a freelance Trainer.

Presentation Techniques

This course covers the basic skills required by a competent presenter.
If you find yourself in a position where you are required to present ideas, solutions, project objectives, or anything where you need to communicate to, or convince, an audience, your skills as a presenter may make the difference between wild enthusiasm, acceptance or scepticism.
By the end of the course, attendees will:

  • Understand good and bad points associated with public speaking.
  • Be aware of the different aids available to presenters.
  • Know how to plan a well-structured presentation.
  • Have delivered a presentation to the other attendees.

Dream Land Job Hunt

Job Hunting Tips & Techniques – helps you narrow the job search and to land on the perfect job.

Whether you’re a fresh college graduate or an experienced employee, looking for a new job can be traumatic. It’s difficult to find the right position that fits your needs. In order to help you land on the right job, understand the tips and techniques to get your CV noticed, Interview guidance etc. with this course.

A course to help you gain a better understanding of current Labour Law practices in UAE. Attending this course will offer an update on the latest UAE labour laws and an insight into how to address issues related to the employment in UAE.
Highly beneficial for HR professionals who are new to the country and are not aware about the various regularities related to HR and Employment in UAE.

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