• JEE NEET Foundation

JEE/NEET Foundation Courses in Dubai

Engineering/ Medical Entrance Foundation Programs

For Students of Grade 8,9 & 10

Team Calibri prepares students to face JEE/NEET examination confidently by providing a healthy learning environment grounded well in the principles of value-based career education, imparting knowledge, infusing positivity, and boosting confidence. We make sure that the child is unflappable while handling Science & Math right from grade 8 and thus preparing them to face the Advanced coaching classes when they reach Grade 11.

A strong foundation in Science & Math plays a vital role as it lays the groundwork for acquiring good score in NEET & JEE. The training offered at Calibri emphasizes on conceptual clarity in Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Math as it is extremely important to build a strong foundation of these subjects. JEE & NEET exams written by students who wish to pursue a career in Engineering & Medicine respectively. We train the students from Grade 8 making them understand and grasp the simplest to the toughest concept of Science, Math in an uncomplicated manner. Apart from training the students on the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Mathematics required for acing the JEE/NEET exam, we also imbibe life-skills that are necessary to face the real world.

Why should you take JEE/NEET Foundation program from Calibri, Dubai?

  • Sessions that support and supplement the CBSE curriculum
  • Classes by Experienced Subject Experts
  • In depth study materials prepared by professionals
  • Personalized sessions for getting individual attention
  • Flexible Timing – Session timing set as per the convenience of the student
  • Parent-Teacher interaction in order to track the progress of the student
  • Mock Tests & Assignments to accelerate the preparation for the exams
  • Convenient location with metro access & free Parking
  • Individual & Group sessions
  • Visual Learning Experience

Join Calibri for JEE/NEET Foundation Courses and become proficient in

  • Basic Concepts of the Subjects
  • Time Management
  • Solving Complex Numerical Problems
  • Avoiding Errors

Who should attend JEE/NEET Foundation programs from Calibri, Dubai?

Any student who wish to pursue an engineering/medical or allied courses from any reputed institutes in India.

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