MS Excel – Intermediate

MS Excel – Intermediate

This Intermediate Microsoft Excel course is designed for delegates who have used Excel before and want to expand their knowledge in Improving formatting, organising data, highlighting key information and creating formulas/links between sheets.

• A working knowledge of creating/formatting simple spreadsheets, basic formulas and functions e.g. AutoSum.

Course Duration

8 hours

Certifying Body

KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), Govt. of Dubai

Course Structure

  • Working with Large Worksheets
  • Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Working with dates
  • Conditional formulas and formatting
  • List Management
  • Documenting and Auditing
  • Using Templates

Key Benefits

  • Quickly summarise multiple sheets of data into one
  • Turn long lists and reports into easy to read tables
  • Formulas to check whether cells pass or fail your rules
  • Create links between cells so that they all update automatically
  • Highlight targets, trends, duplicates and errors with Conditional Formatting
  • Formatting and layout consistency by saving as a Template

Who should attend?

  • Suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of MS Excel