NID/NIFT/UCEED -Design Entrance Examination Coaching in Dubai

NID Coaching, NIFT Coaching, UCEED Coaching

Calibri has always taken a step to guide students in Dubai who wish to move out of the standard list of career options and try something new. We are the only coaching centre in Dubai preparing students for Design entrance exams. There are almost 13 design entrance exams in India including NID, NIFT, UCEED etc that check the students’ capability on certain paraments like Creativity, Colour sense, Observation, Conceptualisation etc in order to select them for admission.

Every Design Entrance Exam varies in pattern but the most common topics that each one covers are- Written test, Studio Test, Portfolio Presentation and Interview.

The Studio Test is conducted to check the level of creativity in impromptu situation and the Quality of execution and understanding of problem. It may include Clay Modelling, Doodling, Model making etc. Our team of experts conduct workshops that will teach students everything that could be asked In the test.

The Portfolio is a compilation of all the creative work that the student has ever done. The examiners try to test the personality and creativity of the students through their portfolio. Examples- Art Work, Drawings, Models, Handcrafts etc. Our team helps the students to compile their best work and make a portfolio that can never be rejected.

The Interview is conducted by a panel of creative people from various field who screen candidates based on their creative thinking and personality. Calibri makes sure that the student is confident enough to face the interview through mock interviews conducted at the end of the training program.

The trainers of Calibri have formulated the Design Entrance Training Programs(NID Coaching, NIFT Coaching, UCEED Coaching) in a manner that makes it certain for students to gain the knowledge of the parameters well. Design Entrance Coaching is a gradual process whereby the students are given experiential learning to accelerate their level of skills.

We have experts who take sessions for Creativity and Colour Sense. They ensure that the students not only learn the basics but also the necessary techniques to save time and increase efficiency.

Why should you take Design Entrance (NID, NIFT, UCEED) coaching from Calibri, Dubai?

  • Sessions taken by experienced Creative Experts
  • Special session on Portfolio making
  • In depth study materials prepared by professionals
  • Personalized sessions for getting individual attention
  • Flexible Timing – Session timing set as per the convenience of the student
  • Parent-Teacher interaction in order to track the progress of the student
  • Mock Tests & Assignments to accelerate the preparation for the exams
  • Convenient location with metro access & free Parking
  • Individual & Group sessions

Join Design Entrance (NID, NIFT, UCEED) coaching from Calibri in Dubai to

  • Learn Time Management
  • Understand creative concepts
  • Solve complex questions
  • Avoid Errors

When should you start Design Entrance Coaching ?

It is better to start NID Coaching, NIFT Coaching, UCEED Coaching from Grade 11 as the syllabus of all design entrance exams are vast. Apart from topics like General Knowledge and Mathematics , students should also go through topics like Colour Terminology, Inspiration & Design Development, Mood, Theme & Colour Inter-relationship, Design Theory, Elements & Principles of Design, Natural & Geometrical Form,, Innovation in Design, Principles of Composition, Lettering, Optical Illusion, Understanding Light & Shade, Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions, Form & Function, Colour, Pattern & Texture, Theme Development, Creative thinking & writing, Picture Analysis, Visual Logic, Good Design vs Bad Design, Drawing Fundamentals, Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions, Optical Illusion, Foreshortening & Perspective, Developing Themes & Colour Associations, Inspiration & Creativity, Ornaments & motifs, Memory Drawing, Usage of Colour in Compositions, Expression & Emotion, Exercises on imagination, Lateral Thinking, Story Pictures, Presentation Techniques, Imagination & Doodling, 3D Visualisation, Graphics & Pictograms, Innovation & Creation, Design Awareness, Developing Observation.