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NATA Exam Pattern has changed from the year 2020

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Mock Tests are conducted in 2020 Exam Pattern

Calibri is the pioneer of NATA coaching in Dubai, UAE. National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is the mandatory exam for joining B.Arch in Indian Curriculum. Being the most trusted name when it comes to NATA Coaching in Dubai, Calibri takes every step to ensure that quality NATA coaching is offered to the students. Therefore we ensure that the training is conducted under the guidance of an experienced Architect who can train the student in the Theoretical Test, Aesthetic Sensitivity Test, and the Creative Architectural Sketching. Along with that, distinct attention is paid to practical learning in furtherance to which, students are taken to real-time locations and made to draw and sketch so that they understand the core concepts asked in NATA. Your aptitude for architecture is analysed by an expert team in Calibri before starting NATA Coaching.

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Apart from Aptitude & Drawing classes, we have special sessions for  NATA Maths, Physics, Chemistry. Syllabus of Grade 11 & Grade 12 PCM are usually asked in NATA.

Calibri conducts Free NATA Mock Test for students to know their aptitude in Architecture.

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What is NATA?

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is being conducted by Council of Architecture (COA). NATA measures the aptitude of the applicant for Architecture. The test measures drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability that have been acquired over a long period of time, and that are related to Architecture.

The exam is conducted twice a year from 2019, thus giving an opportunity to those students who miss out the first test due to some reason or other and to improve upon their NATA score in the first test by re-appearing the second test. Both the first and second test will be conducted on a different date as a one-day online examination in India & Dubai. The test shall consist of two parts:

Part A is on drawing, which is paper-based 

Part B comprising Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning which is to be answered online

Why should you take NATA Coaching from Calibri?
  • Sessions are taken by Architects
  • Special session in order to enhance Drawing Skills
  • Theory and Sketching covered in detail
  • General Aptitude & Mathematical Reasoning Sessions
  • Special coaching for NATA Physics, Chemistry & Maths
  • Individual & Group sessions
  • Visual Learning Experience
  • Special Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Best Entrance coaching
  • One to one session – Student gets to attend Special Individual Session with the Trainer
  • Flexible Timing – Session timing set as per the convenience of the student
  • Parent-Teacher interaction in order to track the progress of the student
  • Mock Tests & Assignments to accelerate the preparation for the exams
  • Convenient location with Metro access & Free Parking
What do you learn specifically from the drawing classes of Calibri’s NATA Coaching in Dubai
  • Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner
  • Visualising and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings
  • Sense of perspective drawing
  • Combining and composing given three-dimensional elements to form a building or structural form
  • Creating interesting two-dimensional composition using given shapes and forms
  • Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition
  • Understanding of scale and proportions
  • Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences


Drawing Test

Understanding of scale and proportion of objects, geometric composition, shape, building forms and elements, aesthetics, colour texture, harmony and contrast. Conceptualization and Visualization through structuring objects in memory. Drawing of patterns – both geometrical and abstract. Form transformations in 2D and 3D like union, subtraction, rotation, surfaces and volumes. Generating plan, elevation and 3D views of objects. Creating 2D and 3D compositions using given shape and forms. Perspective drawing, Sketching of urban scape and landscape, Common day-to-day life objects like furniture, equipment etc., from memory.

General Aptitude

Objects, texture related to architecture and built environment. Interpretation of pictorial compositions, Visualizing three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawing. Visualizing different sides of 3D objects. Analytical reasoning, mental ability (visual, numerical and verbal), General awareness of national/ international architects and famous architectural creations.

Mathematical Reasoning

Statements, logical operations like and, or, if and only if, implies, implied by. Understanding of tautology, converse, contradiction and contrapositive.

Sets and Relations: Idea of sets, subsets, power set, complement, union, intersection and difference of sets, Venn diagram, De Morgan’s Laws, Relation and its properties. Equivalence relation — definition and elementary examples.

  • Electrostatics- Electric charges and Fields; Electrostatic Potential and Clearance
  • Current Electricity; Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism; Moving Charges and magnetism; Magnetism and Matter
  • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating currents
  • Optics- Ray optics and optical instruments, Wave Optics
  • Dual nature of radiation and Matter
  • Atoms and Nuclei- Atoms, Nuclei
  • Electronic devices- Semiconductor Electronics, Materials, Devices and Simple circuits
  • Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry; Structure of Atom; Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular; States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
  • Chemical Thermodynamics; Equilibrium; Redox Reactions; Hydrogen; s- Block Elements p -Block Elements
  • Organic Chemistry: Some basic Principles and Techniques; Hydrocarbons; Environmental Chemistry

Algebra, Logarithms, Matrices, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, 3-Dimensional Co-ordinate geometry, Theory of calculus, Application of Calculus, Permutation and combination, Statistics and Probability.

Join NATA Coaching at Calibri in Dubai to
  • Solve exam papers Efficiently
  • Avoid Errors
  • Solve Complex Numerical
  • Learn Time Management
About NATA Exam

For official notifications, visit www.nata.in

Is Dubai an Exam Centre for NATA?

While applying for NATA exam, the student must choose Dubai as the first choice of centre and wait until the announcement which normally happens very near to exam. All these, Dubai has been a NATA exam centre. But the announcement happens only by the last time. Call, 055 1856561 for further clarification.

  • One must have cleared Class XII with minimum 50% in order to appear for NATA Exam
  • It is mandatory to have Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as main subjects in Class XII.

Section-wise questions distribution is given below:

Subject Number of Questions Marks per Question Total marks
Part A
Drawing 3 2×35, 1×55 125
Part B
Physics, Chemistry, Maths 15 1.5 22.5
General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning 35 1.5 52.5
Total (Part A + Part B) 53 200

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